The Essential Turkish Bath Rug


Radically Plush

Made with a pure Turkish cotton base and Aegean cotton loops, our essential bath rug is radically plush. Twice as thick as the average bathmat. Four times as soft.



Each loop in our cotton is twice as long as traditional bathmats leading to an amazing 1000 grams-per-square-meter of bulk. In other words, the rug gives further when you press on it. Standing on the rug feels like sinking into warm, soft, plentiful cotton –– because that's what it is. 

A Little Larger

Our rug is slightly larger that the average bathmat. An extra-large base doesn't just mean that our rug covers more ground. It also means fewer cold, wet spots on the bathroom floor, full sink coverage — from toothbrush to medicine cabinet. Best of all, if it's too large for your space, even better — fold it up and make it even thicker.

No Design — Design

Sometimes less is more. Our bath rug is just one extra large piece of beautiful fabric –– no frills, patterns, tassels, or other unnecessary details. We didn't forget these details –– we chose to forego them and let the fabric speak for itself. Just a single cut of luxurious Turkish cotton.

Finish the Cement Set

We source our towels, bath rug, and robe from the same craftsman in South Turkey. They're all made from locally-sourced Aegean cotton, and hand-dyed (3X) to achieve our iconic Move Cement color.


The World's Softest Cotton

Every cotton bath rug on the market is covered in thousands of tiny fabric loops. We went further. We used 100% Turkish cotton for the base of our rug, and made the loops exclusively with long-staple Aegean Cotton.

A 27 Year Old Textile Company

Our Turkish towel producer set up shop in South West Turkey (near the sun kissed Aegean coast) 27 years ago. They didn’t just intend to put their craftsmanship to great use, they also intended to invest in their community –– to tremendous effect. Today, they employ over 700 local artisans (mostly women) who work passionately to share their region’s most celebrated product with the world.

Sold at Cost

Our bath rug costs $22 each to make and deliver.
So that's how much we sell them for.  

Price Breakdown 

Manufacturing $5.25
Freight $3.20
Import Duties $1.00
Packaging $1.00
Shipping $10.31
Move Markup $0
Total $21.76

Price Comparison
Parachute sells the exact same bath rug for $39 (nearly twice the cost).



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