The Essential Turkish Bath Robe


The Softest Bathrobe in The World

Stitched on a base of the world's best cotton — long-staple Turkish cotton — our robe is unbelievably soft. Double-length Aegean cotton loops cover the entire surface and add weight, thickness, and plushness to the ultra-soft base.

Covered in thoughtful design details, the robe features a matching cotton waist tie, double-thickness shawl collar, spacious pockets and cuffed edges.

Made with a single-ply yarn and a z-twist weave, the robe is made to last and keep getting softer with use.


Aegean Cotton Loops

Every "premium" towel on the market is covered in thousands of tiny fabric loops - creating a sense of plushness, depth, and ultimately –– luxury. With the essential bath towel, we went further. We used exclusively long-staple Aegean Cotton on each loop –– the most sought after fabric in the world –– and made the loops 2X as long. The premium cotton and longer loops create a sense of softness like never before.

Turkish Cotton Base

When you think high-quality cotton –– you think Turkey. And if you know a lot about textiles –– you think the Aegean Sea. At the base of our towel is a single, extremely large piece of long-staple Turkish cotton. The durability of this piece speaks to the durability of the towel –– so we made it strong enough to last years of daily use, while soft enough to add to the plushness of the loops. 


Covered in Thoughtful Design Details

The essential robe comes with a matching cotton waist tie, double-thickness shawl collar, spacious pockets and cuffed edges. While the waist tie and pockets add to the usability of the robe, the thick shawl collar and cuffed edges add to the comfort. Put together, they elevate the robe from just a bathroom staple to a lounging companion.

Ages Like Aegean Cotton

Our bath robe lasts a while and gets better with each use. Our single-ply yarn (zero-breakage) provides stronger threads. Our z-twist weave (the strongest, tighest weave approach) ensures less pulling and pilling. Meanwhile, the Turkish cotton base and loops get softer with each wash.

Move Cement

Dyed in our signature color — Move Cement — matching perfectly with our Turkish Towels and Bath Rug. It’s an ultra-light grey with just a touch of warmth that goes with nearly every home aesthetic — from industrial loft to quirky townhome. We didn’t just select a color from a list of available options –– we made something entirely new. We worked with our supplier across the world to test different colors and saturations, sending lab-dips back and forth for months.

A 27 Year Old Textile Company

Our Turkish towel producer set up shop in South West Turkey (near the sun kissed Aegean coast) 27 years ago. They didn’t just intend to put their craftsmanship to great use, they also intended to invest in their community –– to tremendous effect. Today, they employ over 700 local artisans (mostly women) who work passionately to share their region’s most celebrated product with the world.

Sold at Cost

Price Breakdown 
Our robes costs $46 each to make and deliver. So that's how much we sell them for. 
Manufacturing $27.95
Freight $3.20
Import Duties $3.00
Packaging $1.00
Shipping $10.00
Move Markup $0
Total $46.15

Price Comparison
Parachute sells a bath robe with the exact same materials and stitch for $99.



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