The Essential Cocktail Shaker


Colder, Better Cocktails

Our cocktail maker was designed to accomplish a single goal — make colder, better cocktails (and take them anywhere). 

To do this, we made something that is more than a shaker. The Move cocktail maker is double-walled and vacuum sealed construction — effectively doubling a thermos.

Take it with you to your next picnic in the park or dinner party with friends. It was made for that.


Our cocktail maker is forged entirely from stainless steel, then formed into a unique and smart design. We utilize a double-walled, vacuum sealed, construction to keep cocktails colder for longer. The resulting maker is sweat proof, heat resistant, and entirely portable. 


We made it entirely out of steel — because that just makes sense. 18/10 stainless steel is antimicrobial, anti-corrosive, and dishwasher safe. We added intuitive design elements — we made it extra-large and gave it a screw on top. The result: a cocktail maker that shakes more and leaks less.


Designed in Newport Beach, California. 

Then made, by hand, in the USA. Meet the maker behind our Maker — Cici. Inspired by her Southern California lifestyle, Cici designed the Move Cocktail Maker from her home in Newport Beach, California. She opted for a classic, Boston, silhouette that looks and feels like fine glassware. Thin rimmed, lightweight and easy to hold — all while never sacrificing function.

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Price Breakdown

It costs us $27 to make and ship it— so that's how much we sell it for. $27.

Manufacturing $17.50
Packaging $1.00
Shipping $8.00
Move Markup $0
Total $27.50

Price Comparison

This is Amazon's best rated cocktail shaker, with thousands of 5-star reviews. Amazon sells this exact shaker for $40.



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