The Essential Silk Pillowcase


Cooler Pillow. Better Sleep. Clearer Skin. Smoother Hair

Made with 100% Mulberry Silk, our pillowcase is insanely soft and durable.

A 6A-grade rating ensures that this is the finest silk around and a stellar 22-Momme stitch gives you the densest and heaviest feel possible.

The benefits are plenty — naturally cooler pillows lead to better sleep. Pure silk repels oils and keeps your skin clearer and your hair smoother. 


Mulberry Silk

Made entirely with 100% Mulberry silk — the highest quality available for textiles. Globally sought after for its durability, consistency, and uniformity, each strand of this silk is notably longer and more refined than other varieties.

For you –– the result is a silky smooth pillow that lasts forever.

6A Grade

The quality of raw silk is graded on an A, B, C scale (A is the finest). Further specificity is added with a number before the letter grade —  3A, 5A, or 6A (with 6 being the highest). So that’s what we used — 6A

For you — that means our pillowcase is made from the best possible version of mulberry silk.

22 Momme

Thread count is for cotton. For silk, there's MOMME. Momme measures density, and is considered the gold standard for evaluating silk stitching. It's measured by weighing a 100 foot X 45 inch segment of the silk fabric. The weight of that fabric converts to its Momme. 22 is just short of the heaviest possible rating. But it is the perfect balance for silk bedding.

For you –– the result is a heavier, denser fabric.


Clearer Skin. Better Hair.

Our silk pillowcases are entirely hypo-allergenic, all because of a naturally occurring protein in Mulberry silk (sericin). They are moisture, oil, and dirt resistant. They protect your skin from repeated exposure to elements that clog pores.

As with all silk, our pillow cases are also entirely frictionless. That reduces hair loss and breakage. As you sleep through the night, your hair does not get caught on and pulled out by your smooth-to-the-touch fabric. That means less grime on your face, and less pull on your hair as you sleep.

For you –– the result is clearer skin and smoother hair.

Sealed with a zipper

We added a zipper for each, consistent closure throughout the night. We protected your skin and hair from the zipper's edge by folding over a generous amount of silk, effectively protecting you from the metal as you sleep.


When cared for properly, high-quality silk lasts for generations. That's because silk's natural durability and resilience ensures that it can be washed, dried and fluffed up again back to its ultra-smooth form. 

Introducing Slate

We didn’t just select a color from a list of available options — we made something entirely new. We worked with our supplier in Seattle to test several different shades of grey. Finally, we landed on the perfect color for Move’s Silk Pillow— Slate. It’s a quintessential and iconic dark grey.

Slate hides blemishes and stains beautifully and matches with nearly everything in the bedroom.

Made in the USA

Each Move Silk Pillowcase is made, by hand, in downtown Seattle. In an industry filled with dirty secrets, American origin ensures higher quality and more ethical manufacturing. 

Size Guide

Standard 20" x 26"

King 20" x 36"

Stitched in Seattle, Washington

Each Move Silk Pillowcase is made, by hand, in downtown Seattle. Our maker, Lita, prefers to work the silk in small batches –– ensuring that each case receives her full attention and craftsmanship. She's an expert in silk, having handmade over 12,000 bespoke silk garments in her home studio.

Sold at Cost

Price Breakdown (based on standard size pillow)
The same ratios applies for the king size.

Manufacturing $22.75
Freight $0.00
Import Duties $0.00
Packaging $1.00
Shipping $6.00
Move Markup $0
Total $30.75

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