The Essential Sauce Pan


A pro-grade Kitchen Workhorse

Inside, a gold-standard 5-ply construction allows the pan to get hotter faster and more evenly — preventing warping, random hotspots and burnt sauce. 

Outside, a body made with single material (304 Grade Stainless Steel) enables the pan to last forever, kill microbes naturally and go anywhere — oven, broiler, induction or dishwasher.

All around, little design details elevate the pan in big ways. An all-new lid lets you reach higher temperatures and hold them consistently. An ergonomic handle distributes the weight evenly and makes it easier to sizzle and swirl. A new, right-angle lip prevents spilling and looks great doing it.

A perfect goldilocks-size of 3 quarts is compact enough for cabinets, and spacious enough for cooking big cuts.


Five Ply Construction

Made by bonding 5 layers of metal. Each additional layer improves the function and lifespan of the pan, allowing the sauce pan to get hotter faster and spread the heat more evenly — resulting in super-precise temperature control and perfectly-cooked sauce (every time).

Finished with a Lid

We liked it so much, we put a stainless steel lid on it. Designed to fit securely on the pan's edge, our lid heats your food faster, prevents splatter, and makes the pan more versatile — allowing you to blanche, steam, and boil faster.

Supple Steel Ergonomic Handle

We obsessed over this handle. For months. We made it longer — so you could flip, toss, and sizzle food with ease. We made it cool-to-the touch, no matter what. We made it stronger, so you could take the pressure off your wrist — letting physics do most of the work for you. If a perfect handle exists, this is it. 

The Right Angle Lip 

We selected a right (90°) angle for the edge of this pan — giving the lid a tighter seal, making spills rare and achieving a clean and modern aesthetic.


Made Entirely With Stainless Steel 

We used exclusively 304 Grade stainless steel because it lasts a lifetime and goes anywhere — from an industrial stovetop, to a baking oven, to the dishwasher. No erosion. No rust. Ever.

Nothing Toxic

Cookware is a dirty business. Most pans on the market are coated with toxins you’d never want near your food. That’s why we made a pan that is free of toxic coating and paint. Instead, the entire pan is made out of anti-microbial stainless steel — a material that is entirely non-porous, making it easy to clean and sanitize.

50 Year Old Mill — video

Our craftsmen have been handcrafting metal in Hong Kong for nearly 50 years. Their reputation precedes them — there is not a single Michelin kitchen in America that doesn't have one of their pans. They make metal for the most prestigious brands and chefs in the world — but this is the first time their sauce pan will be sold at cost.

Sold at Cost

Price Breakdown

Manufacturing $18.50
Freight $8.14
Packaging $1.00
Labor $1.00
Shipping $11.49
Move Markup $0
Total $40.13


Price Comparison

This pan normally sells for $255 on Amazon.
Currently on sale, the pan is selling on Amazon for $140.​



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