The Essential Linen Duvet Cover


The Most Feel Good Duvet Cover We Could Find

Not only does our duvet cover feel buttery soft to the touch –– it also is good for the planet and the people that make it.

Made exclusively of 100% European Flax Linen, sourced from Normandy and Belgium –– and expertly crafted into sheets at 4th generation family mill in Portugal.

The linen is insanely soft, insulating, and made for everyday life. Sourced sustainably, made ethically, crafted to last.

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The Best Linen in The World

We’re using exclusively 100% European Flax linen from Normandy and Belgium in each set of Move linens. The most celebrated and sought-after linen in the world. Craftsmen from north and central Europe send their completed flax linen to our Portuguese bedding maker, creating a seamless process from fabric — to your bed.

Garment Washed

Garment washing makes linen softer – so you would assume most linen makers do it. They don’t. Move bedding is entirely garment washed, making it the softest, most gentle linen you’ve ever felt. It also ensures your bedding won’t shrink in the wash, helping it fit your bed for years to come. 

Naturally Antimicrobial

Most fabrics aren’t anti-microbial – our linen is. That means dogs, kids, and anything else you’d like is welcome on the bed without worries. Our linen is also completely washer and dryer friendly, so you can pop it in as much as you want. It’ll only make it cleaner and softer each time you do. 

Naturally Durable

Bedding shouldn't be a quarterly purchase. That's why we made ours with European Flax linen — known to last for the long haul, allowing you to consume less and enjoy more. 

Sustainable Fiber & Ethical Practices

Linen is naturally better for the environment than almost any thread. But our producers go much further — using entirely sustainable fabric, working exclusively with sustainable farmers in France and Belgium. You can rest assured knowing that each piece of bedding is good for the earth, and good for the people that made it.


Soft and getting softer

Like anything that is made with true quality –– our linen gets better through the years. Each wash, and each use, only serve to make the linen softer and more silky smooth on your skin.


Really good bedding is made for every season –– and Move bedding is no exception. We made a duvet and bed set that is intentionally insulating  ––feeling cool and airy in the summer, and perfectly warm in the winter.

Easy to Care For

Our Portugese linens aren’t just beautiful –– they’re usable. We ensured that the fabric we chose would be compatible with machine washing and drying. In fact –– it gets better each time you do, making the fabric more soft and giving it a lived-in feel.

Introducing Cement

We didn’t just select a color from a list of available options –– we made something entirely new. We worked with our supplier across the world to test different colors and saturations, sending lab-dips back and forth for months. Finally, we landed on the perfect color for Move. Cement. It’s an ultra-light grey with just a touch of warmth that goes with nearly every home aesthetic — from industrial loft to quirky townhome. And there’s an added bonus –– the soft grey helps avoid it from looking dirty or stained.

Size Guide


Duvet Cover 70" x 86"


Duvet Cover 90" x 92"

King/Cal King

Duvet Cover 106" x 94"

4th Generation Mill in Portugal — video

To find a linen partner, we searched the world. We ended up in Portugal –– where the best linen is made. Our producer is a 4th generation family-business that's been making the same ultra-soft, ultra-durable linens for 73 years. They’ve learned crucial lessons in those decades –– like how to make linen that lasts a lifetime, and gets better with each use. From the beginning, to now, they’ve utilized exclusively ethical manufacturing and sustainable fabric –– so you can feel good about supporting their business, and using their products.

Made to Order

As with any hand-made, luxury product –– we’re custom ordering our linen for our members. Working directly with our Portugal producer, we’ve reserved 10,000 yards of linen for 1,000 sets and duvets. Each piece of bed linen is being made entirely by hand, in Portugal, by expert, life-long craftsmen. Because of the long journey to making each piece, members that do not order now will not be invited to order again until December 2021.

Sold at Cost

Price Breakdown (based on the full/queen size sheet set and duvet cover)
The same ratios apply for twin and king sizes.

Manufacturing $91.58
Freight $15.00
Import Duties $6.41
Packaging $1.00
Shipping $12.62
Move Markup $0
Total $128.61

Price Comparison

Amazon sells the exact queen linen sheet set for $235.



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