The Essential Leather Duffle Bag


The Only Luggage You Need

Made to travel with you on everything from business trips to honeymoons. Stunning. Practical. Efficient. 

Full grain leather gets better with age. Brass bits and ends take a beating and keep on shining. A special compartment holds shoes, umbrellas and other messy parts. A leather luggage tag makes sure the bag always finds its way home. A matte black and minimalist design goes with everyone and any look.

We thought of everything –– and made it to last a lifetime. This isn’t just the only bag you’ll ever need — it’s the last.


Shoe Compartment 

We’ve placed a convenient, extra deep, shoe compartment on the outside of the bag. This protects your other items from your shoes, and makes your shoes easy-to-access for on-the-go changes. 

All Leather Luggage Tag

We’ve included a matching, large, leather luggage bag –– allowing you to easily identify your bag while traveling. 

Industrial Strength Zippers

Making a bag that lasts a lifetime doesn’t just require the best leather in the world –– it also requires the best hardware. Our zippers are made to last decades, not just years. They’re industrial grade so they’ll never catch, break, or snag. 

Gets Softer With Time

True full grain leather, crafted well, doesn't just last a lifetime — it gets better with each use. The wear of your trips, connections, and luggage will soften it, and mold it exactly to your needs. The stitching will keep up through decades because it's handmade by the most talented leather craftsmen in Texas. Brass studs and industrial strength zippers can take a lifetime of baggage carousels and crammed overhead bins.

Minimalist Design

Less is more. We added in every detail that could help you while traveling –– and edited out everything else. The result: not a single line, stitch, or notch that isn’t needed.

With a matte black color, the bag is unisex and understated — so it pairs with everyone and any style.

Built For a Lifetime

True full grain leather, crafted well, doesn't just last a while –– it gets better with each use. The wear of your trips, connections, and luggage will soften it, and mold it exactly to your needs. The stitching will keep up, through decades –– because it's handmade by the most talented leather craftsmen in Texas. Brass studs and industrial strength zippers can take years of baggage carousels and crammed overhead bins.


Full Grain Leather

When it comes to leather, full grain is the gold standard. Full grain leather uses the most sought-after hide — but hides nothing. Because it comes from the top layer of hide, it shows all the natural grain. That grain creates a classic leather look that can't be faked, or replicated, with cheaper materials.

Ethically Made Hide

Leather is a dirty business. In some communities –– sourcing hide is synonymous with mistreatment and abuse. Both of animals and artisans.

That's why, for our leather, we are working exclusively with U.S. based suppliers and craftsmen –– personally ensuring that all hides are ethically sourced from farms that meet or exceed our humane standards.

Brass Bits

Everything on the bag that's not leather, is brass. That's because brass can take a beating— so can the hooks, zippers, rivets and studs on your new bag.

Handmade in Houston

Texas is known for its leather –– our supplier is no exception. He sources his hide ethically, from local farmers he's known for years. He's passionate about his craft, dedicating himself to constructing bags, pouches, watches, and more from the finest leather his town has to offer. 

He prioritizes quality –– making him the perfect partner for Move.

Sold at Cost

Our leather duffle bag costs $127 each to make and deliver. So that's how much we sell them for.  

Price Breakdown 

Manufacturing $107.00
Freight $5.00
Packaging $2.00
Shipping $12.00
Move Markup $0
Total $127.00

Price Comparison
Coach sells their (same sized) leather duffle for $798. The bag is currently on sale for $399.

Like ours, the bag is all leather and comes with similar accessories. 



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