The Essential Dinnerware Set


The Best Everyday Dinner Set

Made with the world's most famous white porcelain (Gifu), our dinnerware set is as usable as it is elegant.

Small design details add a big impact. Gifu's iconic white simply does not scratch — and safely goes everywhere from the serving table to personal portion and even the dishwasher.

Slightly bevelled lips keep food in and avoid spilling. Gradual curves make everything in the set multipurpose. Clean lines stack well, break less and look great.

Made where dinnerware is best made— the Gifu Prefecture in Japan –– an area with a millennium-long history of pottery making. Made by mill with century-long history of making iconic pieces. 

It’s a simplicity that’s easy to overlook –– but also easy to appreciate. GQ magazine called this exact set from our mill, “the best essential dinner set being made”.


Ultrawhite Gifu Porcelain

Everything has a place. For pottery, the place that does it best is the Gifu Prefecture region in Japan. For the last 1,400 years, the Gifu region has made porcelain that is, famously and falwlessly white. Achieved through a tedious slow firing and cooling process with thousands of tiny pinholes, it's the whitest white there is. It's been in museums and art galleries, now it's coming to your home.


Hard to scratch

Pottery is meant to be used, not decorated. That's why we made a set that can take a few thousand cycles of eating, cutting, serving and washing without scratching or dimming. 

Extra Large

A little extra goes a long way. That's why our design team added a couple extra centimeters to the length of the average American dinner set, creating a set that feels a little heavier, more elevated and roomy.

Subtle Bevelled Lips 

We didn’t just make our pottery to sit on a shelf –– we made it to be used. Every day. In the ways you need to use it. So we added subtle, but deeply impactful, design elements. One –– a slight bevelled lips. A simple, small change to the pottery that effectively keeps food in and avoids spilling.

Clean Lines & Smooth Curves

To create pottery that was distinctly Move –– we wanted a balance of aesthetics and usability. Our design team worked in collaboration with our Japanese counterparts to create pottery that showcased perfect lines and curves. Gradual curves make everything in the set multipurpose. Clean lines stack well, break less and look fantastic.

Dishwasher Safe

Survives thousands of cycles without showing it.

Introducing Snow

We didn’t just select a color from a list of available options — we made something entirely new. We worked with our supplier in Japan test 27 different shades of white, sending porcelain samples back and forth for months between San Francisco and Japan.

Finally, we landed on the perfect color for Move Porcelain— Snow. It’s a quintessential and iconic ultra-white. But (here's the shocker), it doesn't stain. Not even a little. That's made possible only through 1,400 years of constant iteration on and obsession with white porcelain.

What's In The Set

Serves a table of four.
16 Extra large pieces.

4 x Dinner Plates
4 x Pasta Bowls
4 x Soup Bowls
4 x Coffee Mugs

Size Guide

Dinner Plate 11" X 1.18"
Soup Bowl 6.38" X 3.5"
Pasta Bowl 8.27" X 1.97"
Coffee Mug  3.35" X 3.74"

100 Year Old Mill in Gifu, Japan — gallery

Founded in 1921 in Japan's "Pottery Capital," our mill has spent the last century perfecting just one thing — ultrawhite porcelain. Staffed by artisans who's families have been doing this exact work for 10 generations, our mill is the best representation of the best porcelain-producing region in the World.

Made to Order

As with any hand-made, luxury product — we’re custom ordering our porcelain for our members. Working directly with our artisans in Gifu, we’ve reserved 1,000 sets.

Each set is being made entirely by hand, in the Gifu Prefecture, by 10th generation artisans. Because of the long journey to making each piece, members that do not order now will not be invited to order again until October 2021.

Sold at Cost

Price Breakdown

Manufacturing $106.16
Freight $18.88
Import Duties $12.00
Packaging $4.00
Shipping $12.62
Move Markup $0
Total $161.16

Price Comparison

Muji sells the exact same dinnerware set for $210.



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