The Essential Cooking Utensils


The Only Cooking Utensils You Need

Selected by Move's chefs, this set is usable and durable — just a spatula, spoon, tongs and whisk — made with pro-grade steel and silicone. No useless tools or flimsy materials. 

Comprised of the only 4 tools that actually get used in most kitchens, our set is a no nonsense, versatile workhorse. Everything in the set needs to be there, meaning that everything will get daily use and nothing will collect dust in your kitchen cabinet.

To make the set durable, we opted for the chef-selected combination of 304 grade stainless steel and cooking-grade silicone. The silicone head makes the set non-porous, temperature resistant, scratch free and dishwasher-safe. Meanwhile, the stainless steel outlasts every other material in years and degrees of temperature.


Pro Cooking-Grade Silicone Head

Every Move chef we spoke to uses utensils made from high-grade steel and silicone tools — because they're the only materials that make sense in the kitchen. Our high-grade silicone is:

Non-porous — staying free from cooking odors and colors
Temperature resistant — up to 450 Fahrenheit
Scratch-free — looks brand new, every time
Dishwasher safe — without hassle

Extra-long Ergonomic Steel Handle

There are a lot of utensils on the market — wood. bamboo. plastic.
And then there's steel. Wood burns. Bamboo splits. Plastic melts. Steel lasts.

We make everything for the kitchen out of steel –– because it makes sense. But we don't stop there— we made the handles longer so you'd have more leverage when cooking. We made them thicker in the middle and thinner on the edges so your grip would be natural.


Chosen by our chefs

Designed with the culinary mindset of mise en place (everything in its right place), this set was made for durability and versatility.

You'll never need to upgrade –– because an upgrade does not exist. These utensils work for everything (baking, cooking, and preparing), last forever (without rusting or warping) and get the job (no other tools needed).

Designed To Look Good and Last Long

There isn't a right angle to be found. The long, straight lines of each utensil blend into gradual curves and are finished with rounded edges.

We avoided edges and sharp ridges in search of comfort. We selected extra-long handles for each flipping. We made it beautiful –– from every angle.

Introducing Move Slate
We completed each piece in our newest hue — Move Slate. We chose this charcoal-gray because it's near impossible to stain and looks good no matter what.

What's in the set

1 x Spatula
1 x Spoon
1 x Tongs
1 x Whisk

Sold at Cost

Price Breakdown

Manufacturing $8.10
Freight $8.14
Packaging $1.00
Labor $1.00
Shipping $10.00
Move Markup $0
Total $28.24

Price Comparison

Williams Sonoma sells a set made with the exact same materials for $69.95.



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