The Essential Cold Brew Bottle


The Best, Easiest Cold Brew

The perfect Cold Brew Bottle is functional, beautiful, and easy to use. Both most critically, it has to make amazing coffee. 

Our Cold Brew Bottle does it all –– because we designed it that way. 

It’s made from the highest quality materials, so it will last forever and never break. At its core is an ultra-fine 304 steel filter, so flavor infuses beautifully. It’s made in a stunning, minimal, Japanese style, creating unexpected moments of beauty in your morning routine. 

Then, there’s the coffee. We tried over 30 brewers before selecting this one. It was the easiest choice we’ve ever made.


Borosilicate Glass — this thick, break-proof glass isn’t just beautiful and durable –– it’s also perfect for cold brew. This glass is the only type that goes both hot and cold, which is exactly what you need to make cold brew coffee. Fill it with hot water, and place it in the fridge without worry –– it will never shatter. 

Snow Silicone — We topped each bottle with Move Snow silicone –– because it makes the coffee easier to pour and the bottle easier to clean. Plus, our silicone never breaks or stains –– critical for a material that will be in contact with coffee for 24 hours at a time. 

Fine Metal Filter — each bottle has an ultra-fine metal filter for immersion brewing. Our filter is constructed of dual layers of 304 stainless steel –– allowing fine oils from coffee grounds to infuse themselves into your coffee. The result is a richer, fuller flavor, without the bite.


Design in Japan — We'll let you in on a secret of the cold brew coffee world –– Japan is making the best brews in the world right now. Japan's coffee shops are iconic for their attention to detail, the intensely scientific process and — most importantly — their cold brew. The difference is in the minimal, intentional, design of their brewers. 

Portable and Servable— Brew it, close it and then walk out with it. Comes with a removable brewer and a matching silicon cap. So, when you're not brewing, it becomes a beautiful carafe for serving and storing.

Dishwasher Safe — We knew that our Cold Brew Bottle had to be dishwasher safe –– because it just makes sense when dealing with coffee (and it’s associated stains). So we didn’t compromise –– making this beautiful, functional bottle out of entirely dishwasher safe materials. 

Steel, Glass and Snow — Most Cold Brewers on the market look overly technical –– but they don’t have to. With our Cold Brew Bottle, we’ve proved you can make a brewer that is stunning. So you can feel comfortable brewing, and serving, for anyone. 

Sold at Cost

Price Breakdown

It costs us $19 to make and ship it— so that's how much we sell it for. 

Manufacturing $9.00
Packaging $1.00
Shipping $8.00
Move Markup $0
Total $19.00

Price Comparison

Blue Bottle sells the exact same Cold Brew Bottle for $35. We sell it for $19.



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