The Essential Cashmere Throw Blanket


The Most Luxurious Blanket We’ve Ever Felt

With wool sourced from Inner Mongolia, spun in a small Italian mill and hand-knit in Kathmandu, Nepal, this is as good as cashmere gets.

100% pure Cashmere means that our blanket is incredibly soft. An extra-large base means that every toe and soul is covered. An impressive 12 gauge knit means that the blanket feels denser and more weighted than the average cashmere blanket

Available in two iconic Move shades selected to fit with any decor — this is the only throw you’ll ever need. 


100% Italian Cashmere

All cashmere wool comes from the same place — Mongolia. But the world's best cashmere yarn is spun in Italy. So that's all we use.

The difference is in the discernment. Italian cashmere craftsmen select only the highest quality raw material, discarding anything that does not meet their unrelenting standards. The result is cashmere worth investing in — remarkably soft, warm, and durable.

Ethically Made

As with any animal product — not all cashmere is sourced ethically. That's why we waited, intentionally, to bring cashmere to Move. We spent over a year researching cruelty-free cashmere farms. We can now promise that our cashmere is harvested, and crafted, to our notoriously high ethical standard. 


Larger, Denser and Heavier 

A little extra blanket goes a long way. That's why we made ours a little bigger than the norm — 50" x 70"

As we always do, we went a little further, asking for a denser, 12-gauge knit. Meaning that there are an impressive 12 stitches of yarn in one inch of knitted cashmere, making it extra dense and heavy.

Two Iconic Move Shades

We hand-dyed our cashmere blanket in two iconic Move shades. Selected to match any aesthetic.

Snow — a softer, warmer white that goes with anything.
Cement — a light, modern grey to ground any space.

Super Simple Design

With premium materials — we've found that less is so much more. That's why we edited down. We didn't add tassels, frills, or unnecessary design. We let the Italian cashmere speak for itself. The result — a single, stunning piece of material that goes with anything.

Hand-knit in Kathmandu, Nepal

Our supplier is located at the base of the Himalayan Mountains –– where, for years, they've handcrafted thousands of cashmere clothing and home goods. 

They import their cashmere straight from Italy, then slowly cut and shape it into its final form. Once they complete their design, they send it straight to our warehouse in San Francisco.

Sold at Cost

Price Breakdown 

Manufacturing $155.00
Freight $10.00
Import Duties $0.00
Packaging $1.00
Shipping $10.00
Move Markup $0
Total $178.00

Price Comparison

CB2 sells a same-sized Italian cashmere blanket for $300. 


Care Instructions:

Dry clean or hand wash only. Do not tumble dry. Hand wash in luke warm water with mild detergent. Squeeze out excess water and lay flat on a clean towel until completely dry. Taken care of properly, cashmere lasts a lifetime.




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