The Essential Canadian Down Pillow


The Only Pillow You Need

Filled with the gold-standard of down, Canadian Hutterite Down, our pillow provides a perfect balance of softness and stability.

A category-leading fill power of 850 makes our pillow lighter and puffier than the one currently on your bed.

A 100% cotton sateen shell gives the pillow breathability— saving you a few pillow turns every night. An ethical and sustainable production process helps you sleep better in other ways.

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Canadian Hutterite Down

The highest quality down in the World. Farmed by the Hutterite colonies in Alberta, Canada, and famous around the World as one of the highest quality fills.

Long Staple Cotton Sateen Shell

The longer threads allow the craftsmen to take some liberties, making for a pillow that sleeps much cooler and feels softer on your cheek.

Hypoallergenic & Antimicrobial

Not all down products are treated with anti-microbial and not all are hypoallergenic – ours are. That means dogs, kids, and anyone else you’d like is welcome on the bed without worries. 

Sustainable and Ethical

Down is inherently sustainable. It is naturally occurring and compostable, and all by-products from down processing are also biodegradable. All of this together means that own has the lowest carbon footprint of all insulating materials.

But we go further. By never live-plucking, we are able to save thousands of birds from needless suffering. 

Downmark Certified

The gold standard for authentic down, the Downmark® label certifies that our partner has complied with stringent quality assurance requirements, meaning that the product you are about to purchase is made with genuine, high-quality Down.


Triple-chamber Construction

The inside of the pillow has three layers— with a layer of feathers sandwiched between two layers of white down clusters. The feathers provide plump support while the down adds ample softness.

Supersoft Shell

A 400 thread-count, 100% Long-staple Cotton Sateen Shell houses our down clusters and feather. That's the same stuff we use for our bestselling Turkish towels and it makes the towel noticeably smoother and softer, giving it great "cheek-feel."

Made in Canada — from start to finish

Every product has a place — one country, city or state that does it better than any other. Down has Canada. No other country makes better down products than Canada. In Canada no community is better known for high quality, ethical down than the Huttertites in Alberta. In the industry, no company is as well known for its commitment to quality and integrity as our manufacturer in Ontario.


When cared for properly, a high-quality down lasts for generations. That's because down‘s natural durability and resilience ensures that it can be washed, dried, and easily fluffed up again back to its original, bouncy form. 

Introducing Snow

We didn’t just select a color from a list of available options — we made something entirely new. We worked with our supplier in Canada test several different shades of white. Finally, we landed on the perfect color for Move down— Snow. It’s a quintessential and iconic ultra-white. 

Size Guide

Standard 20" x 26"

King 20" x 36"


The Family Down Business in Canada

Our Canadian manufacturer has over 35 years’ experience in the down industry.

The company was originally founded in 1980, and at the time was primarily focused on bedding products until Ellis Chitiz purchased the company in 2007. With a strong background in the home fashion industry and a history in retail environments, he began to expand the company portfolio to include decorative cushions and laundry products.

Today, Ellis’ sons, Lee and Mitchell are at the helm of operations and production. This allows them to have a more hands-on approach to running the business and helps to create closer and more personal relationships with customers and staff.

After 35 years, it's safe to say that no one knows down as well as the Chitiz's do. 

Sold at Cost

Price Breakdown (based on standard size pillow)
The same ratios applies for the king size.

Manufacturing $25.65
Freight $0.00
Import Duties $0.00
Packaging $1.00
Shipping $15.79
Move Markup $0
Total $44.44

Price Comparison

Amazon sells a lower fill-power Canadian down pillow for $179.
The same price difference applies for the larger size.



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