Sonoma Valley Pinot Noir



2016 • Anderson Valley

Our best wine yet — Peak-season cherry, dried currant, and crushed rose. Prolonged dark oak finish balanced with bright acidity and subtle tannins. Everything you’d expect from a mild wine-country red, and way more.

The Breakdown

Cherry, Dried Currant, and Crushed Rose.





Anderson Valley

Anderson Valley is the hidden gem of California’s wine country— with the coolest temperature, the valley is perfect for the cultivation of Pinot Noir.

We found that the unique combination of geographical and climatic conditions found in the northwestern end of Anderson valley creates a Pinot Noir that is uniquely sweet and uncomplicated.

Our in-house sommelier tasted through the best Pinots of Anderson Valley, blind. He selected the best – based on quality alone.

The result— a truly perfect Anderson Valley Pinot Noir.

Sold at cost

We pay $77 to make and ship 2 bottles of this wine — so that's the price you pay. Two bottles of the same wine — with different labels sell for $90 elsewhere.

Price Breakdown

Cost of 2 Bottles
Move Markup $0
Total $77.00

Shipping & Legal

Shipped to 42 states
Like all wineries, we are legally restricted from shipping wine to UT, AR, MS, AL, LA, OH, DE, NJ, RI. 

Made in California
Move wines are vinted and bottled by Savage Cellars in Napa, CA and Ukiah, CA.



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