Single Origin Kenyan Peaberry



Kenyan coffee beans are a rare treat, accounting for just 0.5% of all coffee production in the world. Kenyan Peaberry is an extra special treat as this type of coffee is nature’s delightful accident—where the coffee cherry produces one plump, round bean instead of two halves. 

We loved everything about this coffee, from its origin to how it got onto our store. Grown by women farmers in Kenya, roasted in micro-lots of 10lbs in Berkeley and democratically picked for our store by our members,

Light berry and citrus tasting notes. Brews great as a pour-over or cold brew.


The Coffee Farmers in Kenya

Founder and a third generation Kenyan coffee farmer, Margaret Kemunto Nyamumbo, saw how Kenyan women provided over 90% of labor in the African coffee industry. Sadly, these women farmers are largely uncompensated for their work and own just 1% of farmland in their country. She looks to consciously change this for the women with Kahawa 1893. Feel good with a flavorful cup of coffee in the morning and feel better knowing that Kahawa coffee beans positively impact the women farmers picking them.


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