Marinated Fromage Blanc



Rich fromage blanc marinated in olive oil with a blend of garlic and savory herbs. This is a real California Revelation — made by a 150 year old California creamery using milk from their own ranch in San Luis Obispo, local olive oil from the Santa Ynez Valley and herbs from their own coastal garden. We love this cheese for its spreadability, savory complexity and sheer uniqueness.


Pasteurized cow's milk, olive oil, garlic, herbs, cultures, rennet & salt.


The Creamery in Cambria

Stepladder Ranch and Creamery has been around for over 150 years growing avocados in the hills of Cambria. When Jack and Michelle Rudolph took over the family business 8 years ago, they had a dream of creating some of tastiest and highest quality cheeses around. With a herd of goats and local cows milk, this is just what they've done. Integrating biodynamic practices into their farming, Jack and Michelle have created a thriving farm that provides fruit, cheese and meat year round for the local community. 




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