The Essential Charcuterie Slab


Made for cutting. Perfect for serving.

Made with 1.5 inch thick North American Maple.
 Skillfully handcrafted by Amish craftsmen.


North American Hard Rock Maple

Made entirely with Hard Rock Maple, grown and harvested in Northern Maine. This wood is the perfect choice for cutting boards –– because it’s durable and strong. Using this wood ensures this cutting board will last forever.

1450 Janka

Woods are rated based on the Janka Hardness Scale. North American a remarkable 1,450 — meaning that it's impact and scratch resistant, without ever dulling your knives. In other words, this cutting board will last a lifetime — and so will your knives.


A simple and solid slab

1.5 inch edge-grain butcher block, made with North American Maple. Cut to a perfect one foot square.

Edge Grain

Our cutting board utilizes a classic edge grain — the standard for all cutting boards on the market. It's the standard for good reason — it's insanely durable and totally flat. It's also stunning — edge grain boards don't hide the wood they're cut from. Across the entire handmade piece — the North America maple is on full display. 

Extra Large

We made our cutting board slightly larger than most boards on the market — so you can use it for anything. From holidays to day-to-day food prep, this is the only cutting board you’ll ever need.

Ultra Stable

The edge-grain construction makes the surface of the board much flatter. Careful handmade craftsmanship ensures that even the mildest irregularities are sanded out. And a thicker-than-usual maple wood slab ensures that the board never contorts, twists, bends or becomes unstable.

The Amish Artisans of Freeport, Pennsylvania

Each board is handmade by Amish craftsmen in Freeport, Pennsylvania. These craftsmen spent their lives learning, and perfecting, wood making. They've invested their lives into their craft, and made it their livelihood. As with everything on Move, our cutting board isn't mass produced. It's handmade. By craftsmen that know what they're doing.



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