Honey Poppy Seed Rugelach



Tender, flaky pastry dough, swirled with spiced honey and sprinkled generously with poppy seeds. Handrolled and baked fresh every morning by California's best Kosher bakery.


Flour, Margarine, Honey, Sugar, Poppy Seeds, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Oil, Dates, Yeast.

The Best Kosher Bakery in California

In 1925, Moshe travelled from Iraq to Israel with his iconic recipies. Seven decades later, his cooking tradition lives on — carried by his great-grandchildren. In the time since, their family bakery has become an iconic SF neighborhood fixture.

I first discovered them the day I moved into my first SF apartment, on the same block as their bakery. Their pastries, their giant orange brick oven, the puffs of their bakery aroma in the cityscape — I love it all and know you will too. -Chai Mishra, CEO, Founder



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