The Essential Soy Candle — Gingerbread


Soy Candles- Fall

Three essential fall candles–– selected to be the final touch to your most sacred spaces. Available in signature Move scents: Gingerbread, Redwoods, and Cabin. Each scent was made to set and complete your spaces, while layering and mixing together masterfully.


We leaned further into minimalism than ever before. We knew that our candles should simplify and calm, not distract.

Each candle was designed to work perfectly in your space, regardless of your personal style. That’s why we kept our label simple and functional, adding only the information you need. 

Then, we put it in a weighted container that will never tip –– protecting you from messes and hazards. The container isn’t just safer, it’s also more beautiful. We selected a vessel with a clean, nordic design –– with straight lines and impeccably smooth curves. We finished each with a matte effect, so it would blend in anywhere.


Our candles are made entirely of soy –– making it more sustainable, cleaner, and safer. Soy isn’t just better for you and your home, it also just makes for a better candle. Soy holds fragrances better, and makes candles last longer, than any other wax material. 

For scents, we exclusively used essential oils –– protecting you from toxins in artificial fragrance. Essential oils also have aromatherapeutic effects –– helping us set the mood in each of your spaces. 

We limited ourselves to a single wick –– making your candle last longer and burn slower. Having a single wick creates a more meditative burning experience. 

The candles come in a beautiful and weighted ceramic vessel –– transforming your candle from utility, to art.

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It costs us $23 to make and ship it— so that's how much we sell it for. $23.

Manufacturing $13.00
Packaging $1.00
Shipping $8.00
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