California Cabernet Sauvignon



2019 • California

Everything a California Cabernet should be. Bursting dark fruit meets rich, dark decadence. Medium bodied, well-balanced, and expertly finished.

The Breakdown

Blackberry. Tahitian Vanilla. Cedar. Warm Spice.





California Wine Country

California makes the best wines in the United States, and arguably –– the world. There's a good reason for that. 

The origin story for California Wine Country is a story about farmers. In the 1970’s, midwestern farmers immigrated to California, settling across Sonoma, Napa, and Paso Robles. Quickly, they realized that California’s soil isn’t just perfect for growing wine grapes - it’s perfect for growing really good wine grapes.

In the decades since, these farmers became craftsmen –– all by transforming California grapes into wines that shocked the world. 

Sold at cost

We pay $55 to make and ship 2 bottles of this wine — so that's the price you pay. Two bottles of the same wine — with different labels sell for $58 elsewhere.

Price Breakdown

Cost of 2 Bottles
Move Markup $0
Total $55.00

Shipping & Legal

Shipped to 42 states
Like all wineries, we are legally restricted from shipping wine to UT, AR, MS, AL, LA, OH, DE, NJ, RI. 

Made in California
Move wines are vinted and bottled by Savage Cellars in Napa, CA and Ukiah, CA.



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