Design — The Essential Frying Pan

Five Ply Construction

Our pan has five layers of metal: two of stainless steel, two of pure aluminum, and one of aluminum alloy. The five-ply construction kills hotspots, and provides better heat conductivity, retention and resistance up to 500F.

That means a hotter and more consistently heated pan that gives you much more precise temperature control — important if you're cooking something delicate or frying something that needs oil to be heated consistently.

Supple Steel Handle

We designed a supple grip, super-polished steel handle that feels as good as it looks. We masterfully engineered it to distribute weight evenly, and avoided angles and hard edges — making it insanely comfortable to hold. Comes in handy when you're grilling a 16oz steak or flipping a pancake and don't want things to go flying.

Anti Drip Edge

Splattering and leaking detract from good cooking - so we eliminated them. Our frying pan has an anti-drip edge - with tapered sides at a gradual angle and a bevelled rim. The result? Oils don’t splatter - instead being caught by, and slowly dripping into, the pan.

Oven & Dishwasher Safe

Great frying pans don’t just exist in pictures - they exist in your kitchen. We planned for that. It’s oven safe, dishwasher safe, non-stick, and works on any stovetop.



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