Yamachan Ramen is a family-owned company, established by Hideyuki Yamashita in 2000. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley  in San Jose, California, Yamachan Ramen manufactures Japanese ramen noodles, udon, and Japanese-style gyoza for 20 years.

The company began as the main supplier for a Japanese restaurant. In 1989. After 11 years of commercial success, Hideyuki decided to revitalize the company as an open supplier for numerous Japanese restaurants in California. Thus, establishing a new facility with a new name called Yamachan Ramen.

At Yamachan Ramen, they believe in being a service company, offering many kinds of styles and recipes of noodles for their clients and business consultation, to aid them in their success. They achieve this goal by using the most technologically advanced machinery found only in Japan, and hand-picked ingredients with the highest quality.

Celebrating their 20th anniversary, their goal is to achieve happiness to both their clients and employees. They are finding ways to make sure we contribute to society by spreading love and morality through their products and hospitality. Breaking the mold from niche market, ramen has now evolved to a universal cuisine, that is popular worldwide, and they are humbled to be one of the contributors to the ramen culture.